Current research
Organisation for digital marketing
Parsons, Zeisser & Waitman
This is about the four stages (Ad Hoc activities, Focusing the effort, Formulization and Institutional capabilities) the lessons that have been learned in the context of applying digital marketing and how an organisation goes about setting up a DMO. Emergence of new media has major impact on org chart.

Digital Marketing Strategies that Millennials find appealing, motivating or just annoying (K.Smith). This study examines marketing strategies commonly used in digital marketing by 571 millennials (M) & influencers. Period is ’81 to ’94. It shows that M are more than willing to write reviews and blogs. That those who consult online are twice as likely to purchase OL. They don’t like popups, like UTube, but price, shipping, coupons, rewards and free gifts motivate M to write a review. M are an essential ingredient in the development of e-commerce.

Marketing meets web 2.0
Implications for marketing international strategy
This article stresses that marketers must truly engage customers and embrace technology and inform senior management about the opportunities of social media. The development of Web 2.0 has given rise to SM and for CREATIVE CONSUMERS to flourish. That to help international marketing strategists (IMS) we articulate 5 axioms. That IMM understand tech=SM & CC; Understand the Consumer; Understand SM – Social=Networks Media = $.

From stretched to Strengthened
Insights from the IBM Global CMO Study
An IBM study 1,700 CMOs in 19 countries & across 19 industries. That the 4 biggest challenges are 1) Data explosion 2) SM 3) Growth of channel & device choices 4) Shifting consumer demos. Successful CMO are focusing on relationships not just transactions. That improvement is needed in 1) Understanding & delivering value to consumer 2) Creating lasting relationships 3) Measuring marketing’s contribution. Market & Technology are the most imp external forces.

Social Media Unleashed
The Dell Hell Case Study
July 12th, 2012
Jatin Sharma – YouTube
This article is about how to turn a negative into a positive. After a consumer commenting “DELL SUCKS DELL LIES Put that in your Google and smoke it Dell), management failed online to respond as it had not online strategy for such blogging. It thought it would go away. It did not! But as it grew feet Dell took the criticism and negative feedback, refused to let the negative review from destroying their name, engaged with the OL community creating a strategy that worked to provide transparency throughout their brand and as a result Dell came out well in the end!