Mobile Marketing

How would you rate yourself at Mobile Marketing?

10 = Steve Jobs
9 = Matti Makkonen (Nokia)
8 = Tom Daly
7 = Paul Berney (MCordis)
6 = I have run many mobile campaigns
5 = I have run few mobile campaigns
4 = I have run one mobile campaign
3 = I have a smart phone
2 = I have a feature phone
1 = I think I am in the wrong place

What do mobile do?
They connect, engage and influence customers with consumers, and brands follow them. Mobiles have caused “irrevocable” behaviour

What is key?
Adapting to change – Charles Darwin

Some Mobile Facts (Ireland – 2014)
57% of people use a smartphone
59% use a prepaid
64% use the internet
31% use apps
17% give up sex to use their mobile
56% watch TV & their smartphone

We have now moved into a world of “Digital Dependency”
We are giving up so many other things for our mobile, so think how our behaviour has changed?
Our “external” brain is out mobile
We no longer remember people’s mobile numbers
Facebook knows what we are saying!
Google knows how we are thinking!
Daytime changes across our use of mobile devices
Using your mobile for “geotracking”
Purchasing a ticker and scanning e.g. going to airport and showing your mobile ticket
NFC (Near Field Communications) – Tap & Pay – Ideal for retailersUsing mobile to engage with consumers when they are in stores i.e. Engage
Beacons used in shops in a defined spot “Hey Push A Message”
GeoFencing – A consumer goes to Tescos and Sainsbury’s send a message to entice you to their shop

ZMOT (Zero Moments of Truth)
Average consumer uses 10.7 media sources before they buy
Where consumers check more about a product via their smartphone before they buy i.e. the Zero Moment of Truth

4 Moments – Mental Model of Marketing
Stimulus – 76% e.g. Traditional media – TV
ZMOT – 84%
FMOT (First Moment of Truth) 77% e.g. take the product off the shelf
SMOT (Second Moment of Truth) 59% e.g. Try the product

Mobile Media Success
Hailo Taxi
Starbucks e.g. Tweet for a coffee – App has 10m users – €1B in prepayment card! (Wow – the interest along is worth a song!).  10% of Starbucks revenue is now with mobile app i.e. 3m transactions per day
Paypal took €14b in 2013
Best Buys
Hointer (Japan)
Mobile replacing the plastic cards e.g. Shopkicks – The first mobile app that rewards you for walking into store.  6 million users – 4th in reach alongside Ebay and Amazon
Macy’s use the mobile to see where consumers are navigating in stores
Wallgreen refill by scanning – Order & collect in Pharma

EPSL (Engage Payment Service Loyalty)
This is now all here.  This is the future!

Contextual Relevance
Who, What, Where, When and How – Mobile can do all five!

Tracking shoppers mood

Tracking people instore at micro level

Recognises consumer loyalty


THREE Approached to Mobile Marketing Strategy
1. Think about the future – 50% of everything at the moment is mobile
2. Map the current customer journey – AIDA – All touchpoints and how mobile can extend and enhance
3. Solve a business problem – Object, research, insight, target, strategy, concept, xecution and measure

Future will be based around “permission”
You will also need to reward, some kind of value exchange