Mobile Marketing Strategy

Mobiles connect, engage and influence customers with consumers.

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Mobiles have caused irrevocable behaviour, so its now back to Charles Darwin and “Adapting to Change”.  Mobiles do help other media to work better.

We have now moved to a world of “Digital Dependancy”.  We are giving up so many other things for our mobiles, so think how our behaviour has changed.

OUR EXTERNAL BRAIN = OUR MOBILE.  We no longer remember mobile numbers.  Facebook knows what we are saying and Google knows how we are thinking!

The average consumer uses 10.7 sources before they buy a product, and they check out more about this product via their mobiles before they buy (ZMOT).

ZMOT – Where consumers do their research, read reviews, look for coupons, comparison shops…….all before going to the shop.

Traditional – Stimulus – ZMOT – FMOT – SMOT = Mental Model of Marketing (4 Moments)
76%           84%       77%      59%

Search is a spontaneous thing.  In the old days was a pub quiz….now its Google
Goolge recognises desktop and mobile, so building a mobile device is no important to get up the rankings.

We are now more use to mobile interaction
e.g. QR Code – Hointers Japan and scan the QR code and get a pair of jeans down the shoot
e.g. Foursquare
e.g. Subways – Click the picture whilst waiting
e.g. Use of social media + outdoor changes people’s behaviour + builds a database = Fantastic use of fulfilment.
e.g. Scan your mobile over a ticket

Then there is “Geo-tracking” using your mobile (e.g. Hailo)
Geo-Fencing e.g. Be the Coach of Brazil campaign. Result 22m fans voted.
NFC (Near Field Communications).

Mobile Media Successes
Hailo Taxi
Dove – Hair falls out – 40% clicked the ad & 3.5 minutes of engagement per person

Mobile helps drive footfall, and doing things time-related so you can get much better results.
e.g. Banana Republic – Use of couponing to store achieving 40% redemption
e.g. Starbucks probably the best at Mobile Marketing – Starbuck card where you tweet a coffee. 10million users of this app in USA 2014 and $1b in prepayments (WOW! – Nice interest!).
Now they are introducing “wireless” in all their outlets.

The 1st mobile app that rewards you for walking into a store.
6 million users in 2014
4th in overall reach alongside eBay and Amazon
The consumer is rewarded with Kicks=points to redeem yr points for gifts at yr favourite store

Used in a shop in a defined spot “Hey push a message”
Mobile engaged/enabled option
It can recognise who you are at the point of purchase
e.g. Welcome back Paul

You go to Tescos, and Sainsburys sends you a message to entice you to their shop
e.g. Be The Coach of Brazil – Carling Black Label (Google this!)
Where fans get their chance to choose their players for a match between the two South African largest football teams
– 22million votes in 2013
– Great publicity
– Use codes on lids to vote

Click below to watch the video!

Use the mobile to see where consumers are navigating instore

Refill by scan: Order & Collect
Being used in Pharma to get instant feedback

Payment By Mobile Phones:
Starbucks revenue = 10% through mobile app i.e. 3 million transactions per day
Paypal taken €14b in 2013
36% of the “paceo” taken in mobile in Africa (Never used credit card before)
Coke developing app “Pico” when you buy a can of Coke everyone gets some points

Delivery Structure:
Google marketplace – order today and get goods today (San Francisco)

Who – What – Where – When – How … mobile can do all!

Geofencing Proms – London – Royal Albert Hall
Priority Tickets – Only with o2 – Thats how they know its you
Capturing people at the right moments, when the punters exit the tube station there is GeoFencing.  They receive a mobile message to buy a CD for a special price, so punters have 3.5mins to walk and be pinged
Sales up +160%

Bud  – If temperature hits 25 degrees in a area you get a Bud free at a certain location

Murphy’s – When it rains its pours! – Weather = contextual relevance

Meat pack – Trendiest shoe store in Guatemala – a brand known for its edgy style at a store known for its special discounts

NOMI: Israel technology – Tracking people in-store at a micro level so you can work out planogams  Tracking shoppers time

SYNQUERA: Tracking shoppers mood

WHITESTUFF: Recognises consumer loyalty