Introduction to Digital

What is Digital Marketing?
Digital marketing is the advancement of your organization or brand using one or more of the various digital channels, such as email, cellular phones, social networks and the like.

What happens in an “Internet Minute”?
1.3m YouTube videos uploaded
47K apps downloaded
61K music hours
6m Facebook views
100K new Tweets
2+M search queries

We have come along way since MTV in 1982!

Digital involves “Dialogue” not “Monologue”

95% of our decision are “Emotional” and 5% “Rational”
So its Feel Do Think not Think Do Feel
(Nobel Laureate Daniel Kahneman)

Digital is about understanding how networking works
But more importantly…
Who influences the network!


58% of 15 to 38 year olds use a mobile in the toilet!

20 – 30 API per day on Twitter
(In computer programming, an application programming interface (API) specifies a software component in terms of its operations, their inputs and outputs and underlying types)
On a daily basis the velocity of API calls in increasing:
Twitter – 15B
Facebook – 5B
Google – 5B
Netflix – 10B
Ebay – 8B
Klout 10B

Not everything that counts can be counted and
not everything that can be counted counts
(Albert Einstein)

Engage in multilogue is key

Data is the new oil

SOSTAC is a general framework for e-marketing planing
Situation Analysis

Today we need a more systematic approach to 
social media communications (unpaid)

What is Marketing’s goal?
To reach consumers at the moments that most
influence their purchase decision!
(Court, Elzinga, Mulder & Vetvik, 2009)

Reciprocity, Authority, Scarcity, Liking, Social Proof &
Commitment & Consistency
(Caldini, 2001)

Influence Ripples”
Level 4 = Email, SMS
Level 3 = Facebok
Level 2 = Twitter
Level 1 = Traditional

“False” is the most associated term with advertising
(Nielsen, 2008)
Ireland is one of the most distrusting nations
We have to tell consumers 3 -5 times the same message before they believe!
Social networking is much more trusting!
***Google Edelman’s trust barometer

Empowered Consumers
Traditional Funnel
Awareness, Familarity, Consideration,
Purchase & Loyalty

Content Marketing Plan Funnel
Owned & Earned Media
CTA’s & Landing Pages
Sales Interaction


“You cannot measure it you cannot improve it”
(Lord Kelvin)

Pyramid of Influence
Old Model was from General Population to
Technical Experts

New Model is
Pyramid of Community, from Social Activists to
Action Consumers
General Population

So both combine to form the
Diamond of Influence

Role of Influence in the Marketing Funnel 
Awareness Phase
Consideration Phase
Action Phase
(Razorfish, 2009)

Measuring Online Influence
Awareness to Attitude to Intention to Buy
Then Buy!












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