Introduction to Blogging

What is a Blog?
A diary.  A conversation pad.  A “weblog”.

General Features
Text, photos and videos.
Links to other blogs or websites.
Frequently uploaded.

Learn to Blog Using WordPress
Why Blog?
Brand loyalty.
Ease & efficiency.

Blogging is interactive.
Inbound links are very important, as Google looks for them.
Blogging is all about “Content Marketing”.
You do blogging to influence a consumer at the moment that most influences their decision making.

Types of Bloggers
The Entrepreneur.
The Hobbyist.
The Corporate.
The Part-Time Professional.
The Full-Time Professional.

Blogging Styles
There are a great many!
Insights (Sharing ideas/trends), Ambition, Meme, Pigsback (Current popular topics), Life, Brand, Detractor (Hatred), Announcement (New news), Video, Photo, Review, Evangelist (Passionate blog about a social cause), List, Survey, Feature, Repost, Guest, Interview, Event, Live (Real time), Bridge (Writing about something unknown), Classified (A post that identifies a need for X), Response and Contact.

Blogging using WordPress
Think through your subject before you start.  Keep your audience.  Note the story “One red paper clip to get a house”. 

Individual Achievements.
Out of the box.

Think how your blog is going to evolve over the next few months and link it to Twitter and other social media – Good luck!