Get Mobile – Theo Lynn – DCU 12.11.14

* Ownership of mobiles is getting younger
– 96% of 18 to 35 own a mobile
– Ownership will go down to the age of 10 from 16 in a few years
– And then to 7 years at some stage

* 90% of users access Facebook
* 87% use in public transport
* 56% use on the toilet seat
* 94% use less than 10 apps on their mobile

4C’s + L

* Mobile users will always remember their number but not others
* Now need to rethink how we do marketing
* Mobile search is different
* 77% search at home and at work
* 17% search on the go

* 50% of mobile apps are games, so games app advertising has massive potential
* CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is key

* Use the mobile to remind you about something i.e. “What About?”
* What about to remind me to buy some flowers when in a half a mile of a florist!
* So mobile interaction is between the Retailer, the Customer and the Developer