Brand John

Brand John Noble

To quote Scott Spanbauer, CEO for Emerging Strategies Marketing

“A brand is more than just your company image. It also includes your customers’ experience and the expectation you set when doing business with your company. In short, it is promise.”

A brand is “aspirations” plus “experience”, so everything we do, everything we say and how we say and do it.

A brand has the following characteristics:

  • We communicate our brand by how we act and communicate.
  • The core of our brand is our values and commitment.
  • Our brand defines who we are and how we are perceived.
  • Our brand is our professional image in the workplace.

Based on the above here is a summary of brand John Noble, written by John Noble.

Profile John Noble
(1986 – 2014)

John Noble is a very experienced commercially savvy marketer who has worked in the food & beverage industry on local and global brands over the past 27 years. These brands include some famous household names such as Coke, 7Up, Pepsi, HB Ice Cream, Rubex, Burger King, Adshel and Odlums. He has worked in both “Brand Building” and “Customer Development” positions, and is praised for understanding the customer and consumer.

John has immense ability and is able to review market needs and prepare strong marketing plans to address the needs of consumers. His follow though is impeccable and he is a manager’s delight. His ability to identify issues, opportunities and solutions makes him the best in his class.

At 5ft 10ins, medium build, well-groomed, clean complexion with a fit appearance, John presents himself in a highly professional manner. He has great deportment, excellent interpersonal skills, with clear diction supported by focused thoughts. He thinks hard before giving answers and gives a structured presentation.

John has a wide range of impressive skills and his CV demonstrates this, having worked for three major blue-chip companies, two Irish companies, and a number of other international companies, as well as having created two businesses.

On leaving University where John qualified with an honours business degree in marketing (B.Sc. Mgmt.), he received a grant from the IDA to support him in the development of an isotonic drink, namely “JAZZ”. At that time the market for drinks was starting to become “sporty” and John saw an opportunity to carve a niche for himself.

In the two years that he concentrated on this venture he developed a recipe, produced a product, packaged it, market tested it and presented it to a number of retailers and manufacturers to gain financial support. For a number of reasons this was not forthcoming and, mainly for financial reasons, John decided to mothball this project until further funds were available.

In 1988 John joined the Odlums Group as Brand Manager for Retail Flour and Porridge Oats and this gave him the practical experience of traditional and strategic brand marketing. He made a substantial contribution to the increase in business and played a major role in the re-launch of the Odlum brand.

In 1989, John was given the opportunity to join The Coca-Cola Company in the capacity of Project and Brand Manager. He was responsible for developing the Fanta and Lilt brand, and his hands-on approach with the Coca-Cola Bottlers gave John a great insight into how the Coca-Cola Bottling system works.

In 1992 John was promoted to the position of Bottler Account Manager for Coca-Cola Bottlers Ulster and moved to Northern Ireland where he worked closely with both the sales and marketing department. He was responsible for planning the Trade Marketing programmes, and thereafter ensuring they were delivered.

His major successes include increasing the profitability of the vending operation to £250,000 from £50,000, managing the Market Impact Team to grow market share and played a key role in the launch of Sprite.

One of John’s notable skills is his ability to build up strong and trusted relationships. In January 1993 John was appointed as the UK Account Manager for Burger King and moved to London. He was being exposed to every aspect of the Coca-Cola brands within the high profile fast food chain. John was the prime negotiator with Burger King outlets and during the period 1993 to 1995, he developed and implemented local and national marketing programmes.

John returned to Ireland in 1995 where he joined C&C Ireland as Trade Marketing Manager for both C&C domestic and international brands namely, Club, Pepsi and Mi-Wadi. He launched vending on the Irish market and John worked closely with the sales team delivering marketing programmes for the Grocery and Licensed trade.

During this period he was responsible for managing the capex and trade marketing budgets and in 1998 he took on the Category Management role for all the company brands.

In 2001 when C&C Ireland took over 7Up, John was promoted as Marketing Manager for the PepsiCo brands, and managed them for years until 2006. He worked closely with both the PepsiCo marketing and sales team, while at the same time reported to the Marketing Director of C&C. During this period John never overspent on his budgets, grew Pepsi’s market share from 9% to 15%, re-launched Diet 7Up as 7Up Free and worked tirelessly with the sales team where he delivered the marketing plans at retail meetings.

After eleven great years with C&C Ireland, John resigned from the company to pursue an ambition he had to run his own business, and in 2006 he set up a dating agency namely Genuine Introductions Limited and created a brand called the “Genesis Club”. Over the next four years he built up a database membership of 2,000 singletons and ran a wide-ranging number of events while marketing his business.

He kept close to his marketing roots too and joined Clear Channel Ireland as their Interim Marketing Manager in 2008/2009 managing a small team looking after the development and marketing of their Adshell and Adbox brands.

John’s passion and hunger for success was most notable but he had to make the big decision in 2010 to walk away from his dating business as the financial model was not sustainable.

In 2010 he was introduced to James McCormack the Managing Director of Shupon-International to test market their revolutionary “dosing cap”, and he worked closely with their marketing agency to finalise pack changes and shelf-test a range of soft drinks projects. Funding stalled this project from launch and John took on a role with the CSO as Census Supervisor for the 2011 census managing a team of 12 people in Dublin and achieved a success level of 97% across 5,500 households, with the average being 84%.

John joined Unilever Ireland in 2011 in a maternity cover role as their Strategy and Projects Manager for the Ice Cream team, supporting the commercialisation and marketing of HB, and reported to the Director for Out-Of-Home Ice Cream. During this period John managed a team of eight people that included business developers, retail operators and channel managers. He was responsible for managing the HB Swirls franchisees and looked after the budget for both Swirls and Carte D’Or.

John excelled in this maternity cover role so when the year elapsed, John was asked to stay on for a further year and took over the management of some key customer accounts.

One of his many achievements was test marketing a new innovation in ice cream, namely HB Cornetto Soft, the most innovative technological development for selling ice cream, and after two and a half years of project management and testing, John succeeded in securing approval for this project on a European scale.

John has had complete exposure to the Unilever system which has enhanced his skill set and experience in sales, marketing, forecasting, legal, technical, leadership, customer, research, NPD and digital marketing skills. His attention to detail and work ethic are exemplary, and John is in many ways a bit of a chameleon, capable of embracing innovation, very commercially savvy and capable of building brands from scratch.

In 2014, John decided to commit himself to up-skilling in digital marketing at DCU and completed the postgraduate Level 9, attaining upper honours award. Clients he worked with during this period were and Projects included Content Marketing, SEO, PPC (Google AdWords), Digital Marketing Landscape and a Digital Marketing Plan as part of his practicum.

John possesses excellent interpersonal skills which enable him to build strong relationships around him. He is a highly motivated individual and a great team player. His most notable qualities are innovativeness, loyalty and trustworthiness.

He has been the central part of both marketing and sales functions throughout his career to-date. His work methods are very collaborative and he excels in generating effective cross-functional teams.

John has been an outstanding employee for all the companies he has worked for with references to support. His good sense of humour, resilience and work ethic makes John a very valuable asset to any company or project he decides to work with or in the future.