My Achievements 

In all of the nine companies I worked for here are some of the highlights:

DCU (2014)
Upper Second Class Honours Postgraduate in Digital Marketing

Unilever (2011 – 2013)
Turned around a loss making operation of €150K to €350K in two years
Project approval for “Project DICE” (Ice Cream concept) after 2+ years testing in the Irish market for Unilever Europe

Ricesteele (2011 – 2012)
Relaunched Rubex
Launched Rubex Reload as a NPD

CSO (2011)
Enumerated 5,500 households in 2011 with a 97% success rate

Shupon (2010)
Finalised pack design and brand name for a new range of healthy beverages

Clear Channel (2008/2009)
Successful maternity cover as marketing manager for outdoor advertising company

Genuine Introductions Limited (2006-2010)
Launched a dating agency and created a brand called the “Genesis Club”

C&C Ireland (1995-2006)
Re-launched the Diet 7Up brand under a new name i.e. 7Up Free
Managed the marketing for 7Up & Pepsi for five years with no over-spends
Managed the trade marketing for C&C for 11 years with no overspends
Introduced vending into the Irish market for C&C

The Coca-Cola Company (1989-1995)
Doubled the sales of Coca-Cola in Burger King GBI
Managed a team of 35 people to launch Sprite in Ireland
Championed many Coca-Cola projects including key sponsorships

Odlums Group Limited (1987-1989)
Re-launched the Odlums brand for porridge oatflakes and retail flour

Lifestyle Foods (1986-1987)
Secured grand approval for £20,000 from the IDA for the development and testing of a new isotonic sports drink, namely Jazz